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Intelligent manufacturing, efficient logistics
Exhibition was successfully held in 2014 June 18-20 in Guangzhou, China Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex A. The exhibition to "build the Silk Road • sharing logistics opportunities" as the theme, not only attracted Schaefer, West Sturm, Linde, Bao Li, Tai Lifu, Imatsu, Mercedes Benz, Mankato, Hefei far can, Guangzhou Hengyi, Shenzhen Oukai robot, PwC, moving into technology, smart Lin Shun electromechanical from, Ba South Korea, Germany, America, Japan, Thailand, and other 17 countries and regions, a total of 531 exhibitors with sophisticated logistics products and technology to display, but also to "UAV transportation", "AGV and industrial robot", "automatic stereoscopic warehouse", "intelligent", "car networking" intelligent logistics field fully extended, to build a global trade exhibition platform for the intelligent logistics equipment and information products, help Chinese manufacturing to "China made" the smooth implementation of the transformation and upgrading.