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 Shenzhen Sunnice Textile Co. , Ltd.was built in the spring of 1998, during which it expanded its business and set up R & D and production base in Longgang at the end of 2000, now has more than 100 employees. Sunnice is a professional manufacturer which specialized in producing all kinds of pallet wrapz, the re-usable pallet wraps for logistics, cart wraps covers, the goods fixed straps, elastic straps, and specializing in the production of pallet wrapz, hook and loop, hook and loop cable tie, adhesive hook and loop tape, nylon hook and loop tape , and all kinds of special hook and loop tapes as well as special straps. 


The company has a wealth of production experience and professional equipment

 of pallet wrapz and hook and loop tape. We continue to develop new types of pallet

 wrapz and hook and loop tape to meet the various of goods bundled, and increase

 the use of product range in more than 10 years. 
Our products can be reused and widely used in the logistics, medical, sewing, cable,

 home, style and other industries. Economic and environmentally friendly products are

 no longer the idea, more and more of the world's top 500 companies began to use 

them.our product diversification has been a perfect alternative of the one-time use of the product, which has a wide range of procedures. Our product is simple,

 convenient, fast and easy to use, has replaced and beyond the product prototype 

function, become the new darling of current industry in all walks of life.
Company products have passed SGS, TUV and other authoritative bodies of detection

, and through ROHS, REACH and other testing requirements.






tied with the use of simple, fast, easy to use,hasovershadowed the strapping film function, becomes the new favorite of logisticsindustry.

   Our products have passed SGS, TUV authority, and through the ROHS, REACH and other testing requirements, non-toxic does not contain heavy metals detection, our commitment to the quality of survival, The credibility of development. The spirit of mutual benefit, in order to improve the quality, punctual delivery, fair price and sincere service to customers, willing to work with our customers hand in hand and, for a better tomorrow.

Reusable pallet packaging

 reduce costs, reduce losses, reduce waste

Sunnice proved that they break Daigou stretch film packaging materials can be recycled

Can reduce the 80-90% stretch film packaging needs

Sustainable use of about 3 years

Satisfied customers back P&G Unilever and Procter & Gamble and Unilever group etc.

Reusable, repairable, recyclable, durable, easy to clean

Using cross storage

In the warehouse, unstable load safety production workshop or DC transmission process

Stretch film packaging is not attached to the traditional use of

By the UV protection of woven polypropylene or polyethylene

Used in 800mm*1000mm, 1000mm*1200mm wood / plastic tray

Can be custom size, colour and design

Manufacturers use ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance plan

By a easy, rapid processing